Is this game out already?

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Hey just stumbled on this title...
Is this out already?  I really like driving motorcycles in games like GTA 4... 
 Anyone have info on this game?

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Well it's out on Steam. Any reviews?

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Well it's out on Steam. Any reviews?

No clue, I was hoping giant bomb would do a quick look of this because I want to know what the hell this game ended up being. But they don't seem to be aware of its existence.

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Seems like amazing material for Vinny and a QL.

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Seems like amazing material for Vinny and a QL.

and indeed it was, one of my new favorite quick looks. Game looks serviceable also, not something to buy at release but it seems at least playable.

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Bigest time jumps I've seen in a thread so far.

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Too bad Deep Sliver couldn't even manage just "Dead Island" bad for this one. The idea would be okay...but it needed to be probably 200% better made and about 150% less sexist.

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This is one of those games when watching a quick look I felt physically ill watching someone else play it.

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