I don't understand the handling AT ALL

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So, I finally got a copy of the game on PC and am really struggling. Which is weird as arcade racers are kind of my wheel-house (pun intended).

I know you're meant to hold down the drift button and not just tap it but the game doesn't really open up with any tutorial and I have no clue how I'm meant to be handling the cars. Is it like Split/Second where you only need a brief touch of the drift to make it round corners and can do so just before you hit them or is it more like Hot Pursuot where you need to anticipate the turns by a fair amount which is hard due to a lack of a mini-map?

Anyone got some tips?

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I've tried tapping, I've tried holding it down... the results are the same.  The AI is constantly at top speed and I'm constantly having to slow down during these shitty drift moments and gawd, it just sucks so bad.  This might be the first game I quit on in a very long time.  This game is awful. 
EDIT: So I totally changed my style and now having a much easier time.  I don't try to drift unless the corner is very short.  Its best to stay behind the AI to get charged then blast thru them.   My advice is to just play the game as a standard arcade racer.  Don't listen to the game about drifting all the time.  I'll take back the awful rating and put it at poor because this game is just poor in everything except maybe the music.  Haha.  Anyway, I'll keep on truckin' as I hate to quit games.

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