New Vita Ridge Racer is light on content. "DLC Announced"

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A report just came out of Japan that the Vita version of Ridge Racer will include only 3 tracks (Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs, and Southbay Docks) and five cars. All of the tracks are recycled from the previous ridge racer titles (is anyone surprised they recycled maps?). However, they announced that DLC would be hitting as soon as December, which is probably the most frustratingly bitter sweet announcement ever. "Hey guys, this game is barely longer than a demo, but don't worry! We're hard at work producing actual content for you to then purchase on top of the base game!

My opinion on dlc depends greatly on the situation, but this is just terrible. Who is this for? I can't imagine fans are lining up to pay ¥3,980 (which is supposed to be about $52 USD) for 3 old maps and a handful of cars...

Sources: Andriasang.comJoystiq

EDIT: Although, to be fair, I've always heard that prices in Japan are a bit inflated. That being said, even if this were a budget $20 title in the US, I'd be really disappointed with so little content.

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This sounds like some business guy stormed in to the room and said "I don't care if you're behind schedule, this game is getting released". I doubt anyone actually thought 3 tracks and 5 cars was a good base game.

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Any Ridge Racer fan buying a Vita would be better served by buying the PSP game from PSN instead.

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@mosespippy: Pretty much, though I don't suppose the psp version had online play?

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@clstirens: I know the first one didn't but I don't know about the second one.

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yeah this is a piss take. but remember the original ridge race on PS1 launched with just one track. so their track record (pun intended) is pretty poor

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