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Nishina is a second year student and she is a friend of Sugisaka. They are seeking to form the choir club.


Nishina was a talented violinist, winning multiple awards and was offered to further her studies overseas to study music. One day, she met with an accident and she could no longer play the violin properly, as well as losing her chance to live her dream. Nishina became depressed. Koumura approached her and introduced the wonder of music through singing. She decided to form the choir club.


Kotomi's path

On April 28th, Nishina was near the drama club room playing a violin that was left behind by a former student. Kotomi requested to borrow the violin for a week. Later, Nagisa requested to give Kotomi the violin as a birthday gift.

Nagisa's path

On April 22nd, Nagisa approached Koumura to request him to be the adviser of the drama club. Koumura sent her to discuss the matter with Nishina because she requested Koumura to be the adviser of the choir club. Nishina explained that there were no other teachers available to become club advisers.

After the basketball game, Nishina was waiting for Nagisa at the drama club room. She offered to share Koumura as the adviser of both the choir club and drama club. Nishina also invited Nagisa to perform during the School Founder's Day. Nishina and Sugisaka recommended the background music for Nagisa drama performance.

After Story

Nagisa phoned Nishina and she revealed that she is going to attend a music school. Nishina also invited Nagisa to work as a waitress at the newly built family restaurant.


Nishina and Sugisaka visited Nagisa and congratulated her on her pregnancy.

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