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Riften, or Rifton, is a major city located in the south-east of Skyrim, and is the capital of the Rift hold. It's quite well known around Skyrim that the Thieves' Guild occupy the city, living predominantly below the city, in its sewers, the Ratway. The city is generally kept away from by travellers due to its thief inhabitants, but certain merchants will still make it a destination of theirs. The Temple of Mara is housed within the city walls where the player can wed an NPC.

Bugs and Glitches

More of an exploit, but the Black Briar Meadery is the key location for anyone who wants to quickly max their speech skill to visit. Talking to Ungrien behind the desk reveals that there is something going on with his boss. He will be quick to gloss over this and pretend that there is nothing weird about her, but if you can successfully bribe him you will get you some information. Doing so will up your speech skill, but unlike other bribes/persuasions/intimidations in the game you can keep repeating this one to up your skill. Simply talk to Ungrien again and select the persuade option and it will succeed every time.

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