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The Rifter is by many Pilots  considered  as the best Frigate in New Eden. It provides good dps, high maneuverability and great agility for relatively low costs. Its favourable slot layout makes this vessel one of the most versatile frigates in EVE Online.



Official Description

The Rifter is a very powerful combat frigate and can easily tackle the best frigates out there. It has gone through many radical design phases since its inauguration during the Minmatar Rebellion. The Rifter has a wide variety of offensive capabilities, making it an unpredictable and deadly adversary.


CPU 125 tf
Powergrid 37 MW
Calibration 400 Points
Low Slots
Medium Slots
High Slots
 3 Turret, 2 Launcher
Rg Slots
Rig Size

Drone Capacity
0 m³
Drone Bandwith
0 Mbit/sec

Structure HP
336 HP
Cargo Capacity
130 m³
1.067.000 kg
27.289,0 m³
Inertia Modifier

Armor HP
351 HP
EM Resistance
50 %
Explosive Resistance
10 %
Kinetic Resistance
25 %
Thermal Resistance
35 %

Shield HP
391 HP
Shield Recharge Time
625,00 s
EM Reistance
0 %
Explosive Resistance
50 %
Kinetic Resistance
40 %
Thermal Resistance
20 %

Capacitor Capacity
250 GJ
Capacitor Recharge Time
187,50 s

Targeting Range
22.500 m
Max. Locked Targets
Scan Resolution
660 mm
Sensor Strength
Signature Radius
35 m

Max. Velocity
353 m/sec
Warp Speed
6,0 AU/sec


  • 5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage per skill level
  • 7.5% bonus to Small projectile Turret tracking per skill level

Required Skills

  • Spaceship Command I
  • Minmatar Frigate III

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