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Uncharted: Eye of Indra

Rika stars in this Uncharted prequel (set only days before the beginning of Drake's Fortune) comic initially as an ally who saves Nate during a bar brawl. Nate, who was initially payed to search for the Eye of Indra artifact by Daniel Pinkerton, learns that the Eye is in fact already in Pinkerton's possession unbeknownst to him inside one of the pieces of three that Pinkerton already owns. With Rika's help, Nate plans on conning Pinkerton to try and steal it for himself. The two sleep together, and when the morning arises Rika announces to Nate that she's called upon a little backup. Only just as she finishes, Nate is then attacked by his longtime rival, Eddy Raja, who reveals that not only is he the backup Rika was referring to, but is also her brother. Rika manages to calm them both down and insists that she help Nate with this job. Eddy naturally opts to join in on the plan, too.

Drake and Eddy infiltrate Pinkerton's mansion, but are eventually caught--along with Rika--and tortured by the man himself. Thanks to Nate's natural resourcefulness in hiding Eddy's golden gun under the table before hand, Rika grabs the gun, kills Pinkerton and his men, and releases her brother and Nate -- with the amulet in their possession.

At the boat, where the three plan to leave the Island, Rika then betrays both Nate and her brother, Eddy, taking the boat and the amulet for herself.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Rika in Uncharted 2's multiplayer.

Though Rika doesn't play any roles in the story, her name appears in Nate's journal on the page listing his 'past flames', with a small leaf sellotaped next to her name like the rest. Shortly after the Eye of Indra series was uploaded to the PS store, Rika, along with Pinkerton, were made available as free downloadable multiplayer skins, exclusively for European players.

Eventually, Naughty Dog would release the GOTY edition which included all DLC, including the Rika and Pinkerton skins.

Both she and Pinkerton, however, are two of the few Uncharted 2 character skins that were not brought over into Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception's multiplayer.

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