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 Rin is a kasha, a type of cat-like monster from traditional Japanese folklore.  She lives in the Palace of the Earth Spirits, and is one of Satori's pets.  She is responsible for carting corpses to the former Hell of Blazing Fires in order to regulate the heat in the part of the Underworld that Satori controls -- it having separated from Hell years ago.  She works with her friend Utsuho to manage this task. 


  • Rin dislikes complicated names, so she prefers that people simply call her 'Orin' (おりん) rather than 'Kaenbyou Rin' ( 火焔猫 燐)
  • Kasha are a type of cat youkai who are responsible for taking sinners to hell.  Cats become youkai through long life, though not all become kasha.
  • Rin has two sets of ears: one human, and one cat.

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