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Rin lost both of her arms because of a birth defect, but that never stopped her from doing what she wanted. Because of her disability she got quite adept at using her feet and mouth for everyday tasks, or something extraordinary like painting.

Rin is seen as quite an oddball, mostly because she is incredibly hard to hold a conversation with. She tends to either say nothing and shrug, or say a lot that doesn't really mean anything, this gives her a kind of neutral aura, like she doesn't care about anything. She herself says it's because she can't find words that fit, that she doesn't know how to express what she really feels.

The main thing she revolves her life around is art, she spends almost every moment awake either thinking about art or creating it herself. Years of practice and dedication has made her quite an exceptional artist, not even considering the way she has to do it without hands.

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