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Rinaldo runs a shop outside Walter's castle, he help the hunters that are lured by the evil vampire as a game since he cannot be defeated, he posses great knowledge of alchemy and according to him also knows Mathias Cronqvist and has read the Cronqvist book that contains many alchemy secrets, it was this same knowledge that allowed Rinaldo to create The Alchemy Whip and The Vampire Killer subsequently.

In Lament of Innocence

Rinaldo Gandolfi meets Leon Belmont who is on his way to rescue his betrothed Sara Trantoul from the evil Walter Bernhard. Rinaldo gives the Alchemy Whip to Leon explaining that the whip is a better weapon thanks to its alchemy properties than any normal weapon, he also enchants Leon gauntlet making it able to defend against magic attacks. When Leon comes back after defeating the Succubus Rinaldo tell his tragic story on how he ended up in the shop, one night 5 years ago after returning from gathering plants for alchemy he finds the dead bodies of his wife and kid, the monster that did it was his own daughter transform into a vampire by Walter, Rinaldo uses his knowledge to create the Alchemy Whip and with it he hunts down his daughter and confronts Walter sadly the whip is not strong enough to damage Walter, the vampire decides to let Rinaldo live near the castle so he can help new hunters that are lured into the forest to make the game more fun. After Leon returns with Sara the barrier that prevents monsters into the shop activates, Rinaldo confirms that Sara has been infected by Walter and will become a vampire, with no way to defeat Walter, Rinaldo tells Leon the only way to make the Achemy Whip powerful enough to defeat the vampire lord is to sacrifice Sara, after convincing Leon and Sara's willing sacrifice Rinaldo uses his power to help create The Vampire Killer. Once Leon defeats the evil in the castle Rinaldo is free to escape the forest of eternal night.

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