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The Ring of Chaos is a magical ring that appears in Chapter 18 of Kid Icarus: Uprising, in which Pit awakens to discover that his soul has become trapped inside the ring as it's found by a little girl. As the girl places the ring on her finger, Pit discovers to his surprise that he has taken control of her body and begins walking in the direction of a human city that's under attack. When the girl trips, however, the ring slips from her finger, and it is quickly found by a dog. As the dog picks the ring up in his mouth, Pit takes control of it in turn and makes his way into the city, which he finds is actually under attack by centurions of Palutena's army.

When Pit comes across Magnus, he leaps at him and presents him with the ring, hoping that the human warrior will put it on. At first, Magnus tosses the ring aside and nearly walks away, but he changes his mind and puts the ring on. As Pit takes control of Magnus's body and explains what's happening, Magnus fills Pit in on several disturbing turns of events. Three years have passed since Pit's soul was sealed inside the ring, and Palutena has apparently gone mad, using her forces to attack humans rather than aid them. Pit's body is also under her control as a soulless puppet, and is taking part in the siege of the town.

In control of Magnus, Pit fights through the centurions and confronts his body. Upon its defeat, he removes the ring, and Magnus slips it on the empty vessel's finger. As the ring vanishes, Pit's soul is restored to his body.

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