Has anyone played this besides me?

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It was an interesting adventure. Overacting to the max, which was suprising, since they had such big names in the game. Also, I hated all the puzzles, but the game had some sort of charm to it that kept me from ripping out the disc and throwing it out the window. Anyone else remember playing this (fond or not-so-fond memories)?

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I really dug this game too.  I still have the discs but have yet to get it working properly in DOSbox. 

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played it through to one puzzle i got stuck on and stopped, then i kept the game for years in the box stuffed on a shelf , finally got rid of it in a purging session of clutter. of course i should have kept it to finish it. 

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I remember watching my brother *attempt* to play it waaaaay back when it first came out. I don't think he made it past the first disc in spite of having played similar games like Phantasmagoria.

I'm curious how the killer randomization works. I watched a video of the ending on YouTube and last scene is definitely short enough that I can see them changing a line or two here and there to make Jake's explanation of events fit any of the characters, but how does the randomization fit into the rest of the game? Or is it even really random?
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There is this guy named Spoony who I know played it. He did a pretty awesome video series on it too.

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@IBurningStar said:

There is this guy named Spoony who I know played it. He did a pretty awesome video series on it too.

Do you like headaches?

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