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     Risa was originally from Hanuda villiage in Japan, but later moved away (probably to lead a bigger life in a city). After quitting her job, she received a letter from her twin sister Mina, giving her the idea to return and visit Hanuda. Of course, she couldn't of made a worser time to have a homecoming.

Character Stats

     Risa is, in general, the second weakest character of the entire game - the only person she beats out in terms of endurence is Harumi Yomoda, a ten-year old elementary school student. For example, while most of the other playable characters can survive a shot from a rifle, Risa dies immediately.  However, it's been noticed that she hardly ever runs out of stamina compared to the other protagonists.

     The only weapon Risa is able to wield is an umbrella found in the hospital storage room. Quite fitting for her, it's the weakest weapon of the entire game, requireing about four strong hits to take down one of the Kumo (Spider) shibito plagueing the hospital.

     In two of Siren's levels, Risa can be fought as a shibito along with her twin sister Mina, except that her attacks have less range and hit rate compared to her sister...maybe she should of stuck with the umbrella. 

Risa's Events in Siren



Risa Onda, Day 1 04:00:04

     Risa looks around in front of a flight of stairs leading to an old house, confused on how she got to where she is. She decides to explore a little bit and enters the gate in front of the house. She hears weird, inhuman grumbling behind her, and hides in one of the bushes surrounding the home. How can she possibly escape from this obstacle? Risa rises up and scavenges the nearby area for anything to aid in her escape...

     After causing a loud commotion in the house's kitchen, Risa narrowly escapes from the rifle-carrying shibito and runs away from the abandoned building as fast as she can.

  • SECONDARY MISSION: Risa, in this level's second mission, digs up a medallion depicting the Mana Cross of the Hanuda-area's religion, with the name "Tamon Takeuchi" inscribed on it.


Shiro Miyata, Day 1 07:22:52

     Risa bumps (literally) into Shiro Miyata, a doctor that lives in the villiage, down in Arato. Risa recognises his name from the letter Mina wrote her and declares that she needs to find her sister. Shiro was also looking for Mina as well, and they decide together to go down to the Miyata Clinic and see if they could find Mina there, or any clues as to her whereabouts.

  • SECONDARY MISSION KEY: Risa can be sent to squeeze through a broken-in back door of someone's house and unlock the front entrance, a needed event for a latter mission in Kyoya Suda's storyline.

Risa Onda, Day 1 10:38:58

     Shiro and Risa make it to the hospital and look around one of the examination rooms. Shiro fumbles around a pile of documents while Risa looks out a window at the foggy outside world. "Risa..." a familiar voice calls out to her, and she gasps as soon as she sees someone in a nurse outfit. "Mina?" Risa calls out. Shiro runs to the window, and looks onward out the window with Risa...

Shiro Miyata, Day 1 19:14:31

     Still no sign of Mina past the event from nine hours ago. Kei Makino, a priest for the villiage's church, slowly enters the room Shiro and Risa made their sanctuary from the horrors outside.  Shiro springs up and speaks to Kei, who seems to be looking for a girl one of the local families lost. Risa notices their extreme similarities and realizes that they're both, in fact, twins.

Risa Onda, Day 1 22:52:58

     Risa explores the eerily dark and empty hospital corridors out of curiosity. "Risa..." the same voice from earlier calls out. Risa jumps and directs her flashlight at the source of the voice. "Mina? Is that you?" Risa calls out, but to no answer. The flashlight catches the sight of slowly walking legs, and as Risa lift it's beam higher and higher, she screams out - her sister Mina, now horribly transformed into a Brain Shibito, approaches her. Risa must warn Shrio and Kei of the approaching shibito and escape from her sister, but how?

     Risa sprints towards an alarm signal and presses the button without hesitation. Hopefully Kei and Shiro can make it in time to help her out....

  • SECONDARY MISSION: Risa looks at a sheet-covered hospital bed flapping about. She courageously dives down and pulls it off, revealing a small sculpture representing two angels
  • SECONDARY MISSION KEY: Risa can pull open one of the garbage chutes in the courtyard, making one of Shiro's later missions much easier (and more comedic) to get through.

Shiro Miyata, Day 1 23:03:52

     Risa is backed up into a corner by her twin-gone-corrupted. Kei hesitates on whether to attack or not, but Shiro storms into the corridor and throws a bottle of acid at Mina, causing her to shriek and run away up the nearby flight of stairs. After Kei shows his thanks for Shiro's intervention, Shiro commands Kei to watch Risa, while he goes off and chases Mina. Why would he do such a crazy thing?

Mina Onda, Day 2 00:17:28

     Sirens go off once again in the midnight sky as Kei and Risa await Shiro's return from his pursuit. "He should be here by now..." Risa comments to Kei, and he lets out a loud grunt of pain and collapses behind her. Risa looks behind her and sees a familiar face - Mina slowly approaches her. With nowhere to run, Risa unwillingly becomes a victim of Mina's "mind channeling" as their two heads touch. What will happen to Risa now?...

Shiro Miyata, Day 2 00:49:33

     Shiro looks around the now-empty room. The door opens, and out comes a nurse's uniform. "Mina?" Shiro calls out to her, and as she slowly
Risa as a Shibito.
approaches, he grabs her neck and tightens his grip on her. As Risa gasps for breath, Shiro stares at her and comments about how she and Mina look the same - even in death. Risa starts to bleed tears of blood from her eyes as she begins to laugh. Shiro commands her to stop and throws her against the ground. The now Shibito-fied Risa rises up and cries out like a banshee. "Just leave me alone..." the doctor asks her in an oddly-calm manner.

Kei Makino, Day 2 04:44:42

     Screams of terror fill the hospital as Kei climbs down a ladder into a secret lab under the hospital. He opens the door and sees a bloodbath of bits of Mina and Risa constrained to lab tables, with Shiro in bloody hands sitting on a chair. "I've been waiting for you..." Shiro tells him, as he tosses Kei a paper on his autopsy of Risa and Mina as Shiro comments on the amazing regenerative aspects of the Shibito - "No matter how you cut them up, they still regenerate", he informs Kei. Kei leaves in disbelief of what the doctor has done.

Kei Makino, Day 3 18:39:58

     Kei looks at the large amounts of lost souls who refused the transformation of becoming a Shibito. He pulls out the Uryen, and offers up his soul for the freeing of the others. A blazing blue light flows from a newly formed gaping hole in the ground, and in Kei's last hour, he sees the souls of Risa and Mina waving at him, shouting out "Shiro!". "I'm coming!" he replies as he steps into the hole and falls in...

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