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So, I first played Rise to Honor on a demo disc and thought it was pretty neat, however never bought it.
My PS3 broke last May, so I had some renewed interest in my PS2 since it was all I had because my NES, SNES, Sega, Megadrive, Famicons, Top-Loader, N64, PS1, and the rest of my shit was in storage and meh, I didnt feel the need. So I ventured a whole mile and a half to my local gamestop to paw through the cheap bins, and find something. I saw Rise to Honor, and said "Hey, oh man. I semi-remember this."
I bought it, and beat it in two days. Really, the game has no learning curve it just seems the further you go, the more defensive you have to play since your enemies get tougher, and in bigger numbers. The gunplay is whatever, and those sequences arent very often. Even less often, are sequences where your running away from a pursuing helicopter or something of similar nature, and those are pretty neat but those are even in lesser numbers then the gun seqeunces. Mostly, your just fighting with your hands. You'll be mostly using the analog sticks, R1, and L1. You know why? Because those are the only buttons that do anything, you control Kit (Protagonist) through the left analog stick, the right one throws attacks in whatever direction you push the stick to, while the R1 is a block button, and L1 triggers your adrenaline meter which makes you pretty much invincible, and you'll hit whatever you touch very, very hard. Its good for getting out of tight spots, or fighting tough bosses. The story, isnt important and you wont find yourself interested in it. The voice acting is meh at best. However, I got it for 5 bucks and I killed the better part of two days with it, and with a little luck i'll play it again. Its at least fun as a twitch-game, because it feels like either that or an arcade game. Its pretty alright, 3 stars at best. If you like Kung-Fu brawlers, its for you. Its 5 bucks, so why nott?

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