Anyone Played this on console?

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If so...what do you think? The game came out this week, but I'm not sure if it's worth a look. And for the life of me, I cannot find any reviews of the console version.

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Thanks for the links.

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I purchased the PS3 version. And it was fine until about 20 hours into the game. Then I started getting crazy frame rate issues. And a bunch of technical issues. Like the screen just going black, but the game was still going. I could here the music, and the overlay of the hud was still show, just the world was black. Also had graphic issues where everything black would flash random colors non stop. Also now having issues where everything is delay by a good 60 seconds. Messages on screen, audio voice compared to the conversation text. fight music starting and my party member drawing their weapon and then having to wait a minute or more before an enemy appears on screen to fight.

Its getting pretty crazy. This is way worse than the 360 port of the first Risen game. I never had many issues with the first. I wonder if the 360 version of this one is as bad as the PS3 version.

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i have the 360 version and i've had no technical issues so far, i'm about ten hours in,

although i think the world is great, and i do want to see it to the end, the game is not, as yet, sucking me in, i think it's because the combat is just not enticing.

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Yeah, combat is not that great. Also FYI, Voodoo sucks.

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I hear it's downright awful.

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I will say the humor in this game is fantastic. I find myself laughing out loud quite frequently.

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