Rising Star confident more Cave shmup localizations will happen.

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Japanese specialist Rising Star wants to bring more games from cult studio Cave to the UK. 
The publisher will release DoDonPachi Resurrection in the UK this year. It is the second Cave game to be handled by Rising Star, with the company having released Deathsmiles on Xbox 360 earlier this year. 
The deal between the publisher and the acclaimed Japanese developer is currently working on a title-by-title basis, but Rising Star is confident that Cave titles will be a regular feature of its future line-ups. 
“Deathsmiles performed well for such a niche game and met expectations,” product manager Yen Hau told MCV. “It certainly performed well enough for us to return with another game from Cave. 
“DoDonPachi is Cave’s flagship series, and carries a bigger reputation among the community. It has been in demand for several years and is a must-have for those fanatical about the genre. As such, we expect it to outperform Deathsmiles and that’s why retailers should be excited about its impending release. I am confident this will lead to other Cave games in our library.”

Dodonpachi Resurrection selling more than Deathsmiles? I don't know, man. It's vertical, so I expect many who don't know and love the genre will, when they see advertisments and the like, think something along the lines of "what the fuck is this shit, it doesn't even fill the screen lol". And let's be honest, if Dodonpachi is going to outperform Deathsmiles it's pretty much going to have to be because of sales to people who don't already know and love the genre. I assume more or less all European Cave fans bought the Deathsmiles localization, and I don't expect out numbers have grown enough since February to make for anything resembling a significant sales increase with Dodonpachi.

But it's nice to see Rising Star so confident and optimistic, and I do hope they're right. It would be great to play English versions of Akai Kanata Shin and Deathsmiles IIX next year.
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Wait, there was a Deathsmiles localization? When? Wasn't the game released entirely in Japanese? (I assume the Deathsmiles referred to in the article is Deathsmiles IIX).

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The first Deathsmiles was released in Europe earlier this year. Deathsmiles IIX has only been released in Japan and America.

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Oh. Was it localized, or did it get the same treatment as IIX?
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It was localized and released on disc, just as it was in America the year before.

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