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Bust out the Mountain Dew and Lays. Risk is back.

     Ever have one of those days when you really wanted to play Risk but no one else does? And when you do find someone to play with they gank Australia and put friendship in question. Those day are over because Risk just rolled it's way onto XBLA. 
     Risk: Factions keeps all the thing you love about the classic board game and adds some animation to it. Weather you want to play all-out war with five friends or go for the new objective based game Risk: Faction everything you want is there. In the new Factions mode you take control of one of either a army of Nazi Zombies, robits, humans, yetis, or cats(?).  
     Faction mode is nice refreshment, but does have few balancing issues believe it or not. When an objective is is completed you are rewarded the corresponding bonus, the main issue here being the "attacker' and "defender" dice. These add a extra die to what ever action you are performing. When god made Risk he gave the defenders two and attackers three for a reason, this makes the player in control of these die extremely over powered. The dice themselves are also shotty, who ever made the "randomizer" for the dice needs to watch his back for obvious reasons. Actual battle scenario that happened earlier today: I controled the great mighty Russia with a staggering 17 forces the poor soul next me had 1 in the Ural. I lost nine troopes in that. (I'll try and get some video proof ASAP) 
      No matter is your a Nazi or a "Push for Peace"-er, you will enjoy this new take on classic game. No more half-day games and watching your friend line up the pieces perfectly in line becuase Risk: Faction will start comsuming your time right from the Quick-Launch menu.

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