darkerthorne's Ristar (Genesis) review

An Amazing Game

Ristar is, without question, my favorite Genesis game. It takes Bionic Commando and adds a jump button and a cartoony art style. 

The game was developed by the Sonic Team, and it shares the same vibrant colors and beautiful backgrounds that the Sonic games are known for. Each level is unique and fun. They all have specific themes ranging from fire and water to music. The gameplay revolves around your stretchy arms which are used to traverse obstacles and defeat enemies. No, you don't slap your opponents from a distance, you grab them, pull yourself towards them through the air, and smash into them with your face. That's right, your only weapon is your face. 

While the game may seem at first like a Bionic Commando ripoff, you'll find it to be an even more enjoyable experience. Ristar is amazingly beautiful and fun to play. 

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    In my mind, Ristar should have been Sega's flagship series. The game mechanics of Ristar are so much more pleasing and precise than those of Sonic the Hedgehog's: the arm-stretching in particular works spectacularly well.  The game design is amazing- Each world features 2 levels followed by a boss. Each of the levels in any given  world are completely different from one another, featuring distinct colours, designs, music and enemies. The soundtrack  is also  excellent. Every track in the game is...

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