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Rita Mordio is a researcher in the underground city of Aspio studying Blastia. Rita is not very social with other people and finds it difficult to communicate with others, even among her fellow researchers. Because she has a stingy disposition, people often call her an eccentric. She cares much about Blastia and is often immersed in studying them. She is hostile against those who misuse Blastia to their own ends and holds an continuous grudge towards the mysterious "Dragon Rider" who destroys Blastia for unknown reasons. Rita does have a sensitive side; however, she does not expresses it often (with the sole exception of Estelle) and hides it under a tough demeanor. As the game progresses, Rita's personality changes as she begins to trust and cooperate with the other members of Brave Vesperia.
You know something is going on when the whole gang is there.
You know something is going on when the whole gang is there.

In Battle

Rita is a powerful mage on her own right. In battle, she uses books, whips, scarfs, scrolls, and sashes for physical combat while using spells for long range combat.  Rita utilizes mostly elemental magic to attack her enemies. While her early base spells may not be of much use, her later mid to high tier spells can devastate the battlefield. Also, higher arte usage will cause Rita's artes to have additional effects such as stunning enemies with strike artes, more Fireballs, Gold Cat increasing in hits, and Splash having a larger effect radius. Her high level spells such as Tidal Wave, Meteor Storm, and Violent Pain ravage opponents with heavy damage. Also, because of the Over Limit system presented in this game, Rita can prove to be quite a formidable character by unleashing a near unlimited amount of spells onto the field. Devastating spell combos such as Tidal Wave and Meteor Storm will leave your opponent no room to escape. Rita's Burst Arte, Mystic Drive and its altered variations, inflicts heavy damage to an area of the arena in a colorful yet powerful display of beams and rune circles. Her Mystic Arte, Ancient Catastrophe, combines her knowledge of spell formulas to create a brilliant explosion that deals damage to all enemies on the battlefield.

Large pointy rocks can hurt things.
Large pointy rocks can hurt things.


Because of her eccentricity, Rita is highly ignored by even her fellow researchers. She once mentioned that she has no family, leaving only the assumption that she may be an orphan. Although a genius mage, many disregard her work and refuse to acknowledge her; this might have lead to her developing a cold personality. She rarely shows affection towards others. However, the meeting with Estelle changed her; she feels no problem expressing care towards the princess and they became the best of friends as their journey continued on. Rita does hint several non-comfort zones; she hates animals (she usually avoids Repede and was cheerful when she found out that he was afraid of water) and Raven despite being teamates.

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