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The president of the light music club at Sakura High School, Ritsu (or Ricchan as she is called) dreamed of starting a band with her childhood friend Mio. When the light music club at her school was in danger of being shut down after all its members had graduated, she persuaded Mio to join, and set about building the club, and its band, Houkago Tea Time.

Ritsu plays the drums, and is known for her energetic and slightly tomboyish personality. She is often thinking of ways to improve the club and earn more money. Her favourite drummer is Keith Moon from The Who.

Ritsu Tainaka is voiced by Satomi Satō in the original Japanese dub, and Cassandra Lee in the English dub.

K-ON! After School Live!

Ritsu as she appears in K-ON! After School Live!

Ritsu appears as a playable character in K-ON! After School Live! Ritsu also appears in the main menu, aka the club-room, at random and can active special events if in the room at the same-time as other members. Ritsu's gameplay centers around the drum track.

Like most of the other characters in K-ON! After School Live! some of Ritsu's songs off 'K-ON! Character Image Song Series Vol. 3: Ritsu Tainaka' such as 'Girly Storm Shissou Stick' and 'Mezase Happy 100%'.

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