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The company was initially known for the successful J.B. Harold Murder Club series of murder mystery adventure games, developed from 1986 onwards. They were initially released as computer games and later ported to the PC Engine CD console, Nintendo DS handheld, and iOS mobile.

Riverhillsoft also published Prince of Persia (which initially failed in North America) in Japan. Their ports to the Japanese NEC PC-98 and PC Engine CD platforms featured improved graphics (introducing the Prince's classic "turban and vest" appearance) and a new Red Book audio soundtrack. They also ported it to other computers and video game consoles, helping the game become a worldwide success.

Riverhillsoft were later known for several early survival horror games. These include the 1994 game Doctor Hauzer, which helped lay the foundations for the genre, and, from 1996, the OverBlood series of survival horror adventure games set in a science fiction universe. Their final release was the strategy video game World Neverland Plus: Orurudo Oukoku Monogatari for the Dreamcast in 1999.

Riverhillsoft eventually closed down in 2000. It was succeeded by two companies: Althi and Cing, both founded by former Riverhillsoft staff.

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