henrik_zwomp's Road Fighter (Game Room) (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

A different kind of racer

Bought this game for the Game room because I was curious about it. Being used to the modern racers I wanted to see how old driving games were. The controls are simple, yet not intuitive for some one that is used to use analog button to accelerate or break. I had watching a replay of another player's game to understand how to use the controls effectively. You can only accelerate and not break. You can only slow down by not pressing the accelerate buttons and if you want to accelerate slowly you must tap the buttons. Now after playing this game for a while the controls feels natural and I really enjoy playing this game. I like how this game has fuel meter, which is basically our health. Each time you crash you loose a little fuel. But of course the fuel goes down even if you don't crash. You must bump into the special multi colored cars to gain fuel and keep your self going. Missing all these fuel cars is pretty much a guarantee that you won't reach the finish line. Luckily the race is divided into six stages and every time you finish a stage the car is refueled. So if you managed to barely finish one stage, you will at least start the next stage refueled. Once you get into the racing style, the game is a lot of fun. Especially if you use the Game room's ability to send challenges and challenge a friend to beat your high score. I would recommend people to at least give it try (Game room gives you one free trial run on every game).

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Tell me more about this game, its play progression, and what its premise is and I'll recommend it.  Interested in learning more!

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@ahoodedfigure said:

" Tell me more about this game, its play progression, and what its premise is and I'll recommend it.  Interested in learning more! "

Yeah, it is kind of like you stopped halfway through your review.  I have not even downloaded Gameroom because of the disaster I heard it was, plus I don't really want to bloat my game console up even more than it is.
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@ahoodedfigure: @WickedCobra03: 
 Updated the review. Hope you like it more :)
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I think I'm going to run into multi-colored cars now.  I could never understand exactly how to use gas station pumps, but now I finally know how to refuel my car! 
I know quite a bit about many arcade games but I'm surprised how many there are in this collection I've never heard of or seen before.

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