I love this game.

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I used to play this game when I was a kid and my dad is a cop so he'd get mad when I beat up the other cops. He told me I could play it as long as I didn't kill the cops. I still killed the cops.

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Havent played it, ill try to play it one day

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Well you've missed out on one of the best games ever! Seriously, beating up people with chains and bats as you race against them is fun as hell.

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@bekern: Watching the guys play this on TNT was a nostalgia fest. I remember the PC version having a better HUD though

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@bekern: You my friend are a poet. ^^ Such poignancy.

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I played this game to death as a kid, my brother and I always had serious beef with Biff.

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@ItBeStefYo: hahah same! I normally don't feel all nostalgic over games but watching that kinda hit me hard. I was surprised too I forgot about the FMV being so messed up!

I don't even remember making this forum thead LOL

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Go play the one of the multiplayer modes of GTA IV Lost and Damned. It has a mode that's similar to Road Rash.

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