Every single clip of That Dude

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At least I think that's all of them.

I think I found the one Ryan was talking about (near the end of the first video) but there's a few I think are even better (the beginning of the second one)

I love this dude.

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That is great , thanks

1:25 in the first video might be what ryan was looking for

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I love how there are already multiple threads created in response to that AMAZING TNT.

#4 Posted by buzz_killington (3655 posts) -

I want to make a FMV game with this guy and Mr. Caffeine. And then I want to stab them both to death.

#5 Posted by graboids (269 posts) -

awesome! cant wait to watch these, I had this game on 3DO and I remember that if you drove too recklessly he would get disgusted with you and just walk away, my brother and I would just get that end video over and over just to laugh at it. It was never not funny.

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