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Robbit is a robotic rabbit employed by Universal City Hall to deal with various problems throughout a specified sector of the galaxy. Sounding like a small child, and being a robot, it is hard to determine if Robbit has a gender; its unblinking red eyes and expressionless face lending no hints towards a male or female personality. That said, Universal City Hall refers to Robbit as a 'he'. 
art from Robbit mon Dieu, Jumping Flash! 3     
Robbit's strengths include the ability to triple jump high into the air on a pair of electromagnetic, spring-activated legs, fire an unlimited stream of bullets from his Sparkle Beam Gun, and collect and activate numerous weapons. Robbit also comes equipped with a "Support A.I." that appears in his heads-up display as a springy, vaguely rabbit-esque hood ornament. It indicates how high Robbit has jumped and if danger is nearby and also offers hints and tips on what to do next. 
Through the course of the first two games Robbit's design changes little with only some refinements in overall geometry. For the third game, Robbit mon Dieu, Robbit is painted gold, has slightly more expressive eyes and gets a sleeker, smaller design. Throughout his battles with Baron Aloha his brave deeds net him hyperbolic praise from the Narrator who dubs him a "freedom loving, robo heroic, battle bunny" and a "high octane, multidimensional heroic robo bunny".    

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