Robert Bowling starts his own game studio- Robotoki

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After abruptly leaving developer Infinity Ward in late March, former Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling is opening a game development studio called Robotoki.

Speaking to Game Informer through e-mail today, Bowling said the decision to form his own company began immediately after resigning from his long-time position with Activision.

“Robotoki is focused on being a developer development studio that just happens to make games,” he said. “We are focused on our team first and everything else second, because I believe as an industry; we have a lot to learn on how to treat talent. While we continue to out stride film and music entertainment in other areas, we are falling severely behind in how to properly inspire and support our creative talent. 

Bowling said Robotoki is completely self-funded and will only partner with those who support that model. “I wanted to create an environment where the creative vision holders held complete control over their work and could guide and maintain it from concept to execution."

Robotoki’s first project, which will be revealed later this year, is slated for release on next-gen consoles, PC, and mobile devices (iOS, Tablet, Android). “As a developer, our focus is on creating a universe first, experiences second, and game mechanics last, “ Bowling said. “With focus being on universe, we aim to create experiences that transcend platforms and genres and allow our players to connect to our world, their characters, and gameplay via any medium (console, PC, or mobile).

“However, how they experience the world is unique to their device. The mobile / tablet experience should not mimic the console or PC experience, it should be additive to it, not supplemental. Allowing them to support their console and PC experience, continue their progression, but by experiencing the world in a meaningful and unique way."

Bowling added, “Our focus is creating an experience that is no longer strictly single player, strictly co-op, or strictly multiplayer, but adapting the strengths of each of these into a unique experience that is fueled by the actions and contributions in each.”

Robotoki's website just opened  and is already hiring for the upcoming project. 
Not only is it laughable that the PR man behind the most talent-free franchise is talking about the talent of game makers being unappreciated, but my favorite quote is  

“As a developer, our focus is on creating a universe first, experiences second, and game mechanics last,

Another wannabe-filmmaker who hopes to sell a movie-like or novel-like experience by wowing the gamers with lore and cinematics, in an industry about interactivity and gameplay.  
Game mechanics last eh? Yeah I really look forward to taking cover behind conveniently-placed blocks or shooting enemies that pop out in a linear corridor like training cardboard cutouts.  
Someone create the wiki page for this studio, I would do it but I'd probably mess something up. 
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I saw this earlier and just looked dumbfounded. What does he know about making games? He's a PR guy who's been shoveling the same COD game down our throats for years.

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Do we really have to jab the people at Infinity Ward/Treyarch (and whatever other studios work on Call of Duty these days) and treat them as if they have no talent? Last time I checked making games is challenging work, and despite not being a fan of Call of Duty personally, each of those games has been impressive in spots.

That said, the whole spin on game mechanics last (why would you state such a thing?) and transcending platforms and genres is a bit too buzzwordy to sound like real language.

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Interactive stories are what's hot right now man.

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WOah, Talent free?

Youre bring a real asshole.

Congrats to Mr. Bowling, i would very much like to see what develops out of this.

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He probably has tons of connections and he probably has the clout to pull talent his way....  it's not an absurd idea to open up his own game studio.    Don't be a hater, more jobs for more people yo and maybe they will actually do something cool.

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Cool, be interesting to see what he comes up with. Seems like an alright dude.

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From what it reads like, he seems to be in a managing position than a developing one. So I will continue not to give a shit about this guy and what he has to say as I always have.

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It should be interesting to see what happens, at least, but I think Bowling needs his priorities straightened.

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