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Captain Robert Cross
Captain Cross is a commanding officer of the Blackwatch. When the Blacklight virus is detected on Manhattan, General Randall deploys Blackwatch with two missions: the forces under Colonel Taggart are tasked with containment and suppression of the virus at large while Captain Cross's men are to hunt down and capture Alex Mercer.

To this end, Captain Cross lures Mercer into a hive and engages him in combat, but the fight turns in Mercer's favor. Cross is forced to retreat to the roof, but Mercer's superior speed and agility prevent an escape. Pinned, the soldier has one more secret weapon: knowledge of Mercer's painful amnesia. Captain Cross speaks to Mercer and while doing so mentions Penn Station, the location where Mercer fled with the stolen Blacklight virus. The lost memory causes a painful reaction within Mercer's mind, creating an opening in his defenses large enough for Cross to inject Mercer with a weaponized cancer. His quarry apparently disabled, Cross turns momentarily to radio for transport, but when he turns back around Mercer has disappeared.

Cross engages Mercer.
Continuing his hunt for Mercer, Captain Cross begins to have serious doubts about the validity of his mission. Though Mercer is known to have attacked military personnel, he has also been known to attack infected strongholds throughout the city. Monitoring Mercer's actions, Cross comes to believe that he and Mercer have at least one goal in common: the elimination of the infection from Manhattan. Acting on this belief, Captain Cross leaves instructions at Dr. Ragland's office that guide Mercer to a secret cellphone. Distorting his voice to protect his identity, Cross begins feeding Mercer information about how to combat the virus. In return for his cooperation, Cross promises to give Mercer answers concerning the mysterious origins of his powers.

Mercer upholds his end of the bargain, so Cross informs him how to get to Dr. McMullen, head of Gentek and connected to Mercer's past. When Mercer learns everything he needs to from McMullen, he makes his way to the next secret cellphone, but Captain Cross is there, waiting for him in person. Cross convinces Mercer that he is the informant and proceeds to give him terrible news, General Randall has decided to nuke Manhattan in order to purge the infection. Randall must be stopped, but the general commands from an untouchable stronghold, the USS Reagan.

Battling the Infected
To reach General Randall, Cross devises a plan. Captain Cross had been previously ordered by Randall to arrest Colonel Taggart for ordering a general retreat, disobeying direct orders. Instead, Mercer will secretly consume Taggart during the retreat and assume his form. Captain Cross will then arrest "Taggart" and present him to Randall aboard the Reagan. Mercer agrees to the plan and leaves to find the colonel. 

Unfortunately, Captain Cross never gets the opportunity to see his plan come to fruition. While waiting for Mercer's signal to "arrest" him, the supreme hunter attacks and consumes the captain. It shapeshifts into Cross's appearance and is the one to escort Mercer to the Reagan.

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