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Robert Khoo is the Business Manager for Penny Arcade as well as the show director for the Penny Arcade Expo and "Managing Director" for the Child's Play Charity, the world's largest video-game-related charity.
He has also been reported to excel at ping pong and is one of the star players on the Penny Arcade ping-pong team, facing developers from various game companies. His signature move is referred to as the "Khoo-Woo" where Mr. Khoo spins his body 180-degrees to strike the ball back in the direction of his opponent, often distracting them enough to score the point.
Mr. Khoo began working for the company in 2002 when he offered to work for free for 2 months if he could prove that Penny Arcade could be made into a profitable entity. He agreed to continue to work for free if he could not make enough profit to pay himself.
Wikipedia reports that Robert Khoo attended the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business, and at one time, he was the lead business analyst for a market strategy consultancy called ProofPoint Ventures.
He has been featured in several Penny Arcade comic strips.
 Robert Khoo with attendees at PAX East

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