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Roberto Bianchi is the playable character for the eighth chapter in the Tome of Eternal Darkness set in Persia during 1460 A.D. As an architect the player is able to survey the ancient temple that the chapter takes place in, giving a detailed information about the structural soundness which the player must later report to Pious Augustus. Roberto is physically quite large and while this means that he has a large amount of health compared to the other playable characters he has amazingly low stamina and is not able to run very fast or for very long. His sanity meter is a little below average and his magic meter is quite possible the lowest in the game, exluding Pious. Roberto has access to a torch which can be used to quickly dispatch zombies, a crossbow and a saif (a light one handed sword that resembles a sabre).

Relevance in Plot

The Ghost of Chandra

The Pillar of Flesh

Roberto Bianchi is an architect whom while living in Persia in the year 1460 A.D. is captured by the guards of a ruling warlord who happens to be Pious Augustus in the form of a human. Pious spares Bianchi's life, in return he must descend into a set of ancient ruins to determine if the place is structurally sound. Pious intends to construct what is known as the pillar of flesh, a giant watchtower largely made of the human sacrifices for the god that Pious worships. Upon descending into the temple Bianchi finds that the temple is full of hideous monsters, however he manages to fight them off and stumbles into the chamber of artifacts guarded by the ghost of Karim and Chandra. Karim strikes Roberto with his ethereal blade and everyone is
shocked that it has no effect. Karim tells Bianchi that he must be one of the chosen ones and entrusts the architect with one of the essences of the gods. Upon leaving the temple Roberto tells Pious that he would be a mad man to build a temple there to which Pious tells him not to worry about such things. Roberto is used as one of the sacrifices for the Pillar of flesh. Years later in 1991, a Canadian Firefighter by the name of Michael Edwards would rediscover the Pillar of Flesh. Roberto appears in Ghost form to the man and entrusts him with the essence.

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