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Roberto is one of the recruitable unique leaders in The Last Remnant.

He is the captain of “The Order of Melphina”, the main military of the city “Melphina”. The members of the Order of Melphina swear pledge to a forest maiden and in time they establish a sort of spiritual connection with them which allows them to communicate with each other from long distances. They are also proud warriors and put the security of Melphina above their own lives.

Roberto involves Rush in a series of events which relate to a mysterious organization who are trying to bring chaos to Melphina. These include three side quests, and after each quest is done, Roberto argues with “Ophelia”, another member of the order, about how important it is to punish the wrong doers, at which point Roberto asks Rush’s opinion.

If Rush sides with Ophelia all three times, another additional side quest, called “At Hatred’s End” will be unlocked. Otherwise Roberto will become available for Rush to recruit.

If recruited, Roberto informs Rush that while he had protected Melphina his whole life, he has now expanded his horizons and decided to protect the whole world alongside Rush and his party.

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