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Artwork of Robo.

Robo is one of the main protagonists in Chrono Trigger. Robo is not his real name; he was named that by Lucca, Marle, and Crono. His real name is Prometheus or R-66Y. He was built before 1999 A.D. as a servant and observer of humans. His companion was Atropos XR, and both of them were built by Mother Brain (a supercomputer), presumably at the same time. Robo was put into the Proto Dome before the Day of Lavos, but the eruption disabled him. He remained dormant until he was reactivated in 2300 A.D. by Lucca. Robo also had a cameo in Chrono Cross as the Prometheus Circuit.

Robo is constantly confused about his true purpose throughout the game. Mother Brain, Atropos XR, and the rest of the R-series are always telling him that he is useless and has malfunctioned; that his true purpose was to study humans in anticipation for the genocide against humans. Thankfully, this is not the case, and is rather due to the corruption of programming in these robots. There is also a sidequest where Robo can spend 400 years helping Fiona rebuild a forest.

Of all of the characters, Robo has the closest relationship with Lucca. This makes sense considering Lucca's amazing work with technology is what helped Robo get back on his feet (literally) in Proto Dome. Lucca's fondness for technology makes her immediately drawn to Robo. In best ending, when everyone is parting ways and returning to their original times, Lucca and Robo have trouble saying goodbye to each other.

Single Techs

TechMP Cost
Rocket Punch1
Cure Beam2
Laser Spin3
Robo Tackle4
Heal Beam3
Uzzi Punch12
Area Bomb14

As Spekkio points out when you visit him with Robo in your party at the End of Time, Robo was invented after magic so he has no real elemental properties. However, some of his endgame moves are known to have the same aspects of shadow/dark magic which Magus also has.

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