How did you discover this gem of a game?

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  The games overt Japanese sensibilities instantly won me over. So when I saw the game at the Game Crazy in my local Hollywood Video I immediately decided to get it--I knew if I didn't get it now the only place I would ever hope to find it was on eBay for some outrageously high price. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

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I don't remember how I originally heard about it, but it was right around the time it released, so I picked it up a bit after launch. It was the last copy the store had too O_O

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I used to refresh Magic Box and GameWatch like a maniac and kept seeing Gigantic Drive and just kept praying and begging aloud that someone, anyone, would bring it to the U.S. Just about the time I gave up hope it showed up as RAD. I think I got mine at Media Play for a marked up price but I was so thrilled to see it I just jumped!

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i saw a used copy in a gamestop 5 or so years back. it called out to me. before i knew it i was laughing at the godawful voice acting and loving the unique gameplay.

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This thread was on the main page because of captjim's post :P
EDIT: holy shit i'm totally going to scour EB and Play&Trade for this game now!

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Was looking through a list of giant robot fighting games and found it~

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