What did you guys think of Rochard?

#1 Posted by BisonHero (8865 posts) -

I remember watching the Quick Look for Rochard a while ago. It didn't really grab me, then I forgot about it, but I was just reminded of that game's existence.

From the Quick Look, my impressions were the following: I like the main character, but the pacing seems kind of slow, and while the gravity mechanic is cool and everything, I sort of don't want to spend 3-10 hours (I'm guessing) just throwing boxes around.

So how many of you guys picked the game up? Would you recommend it? Does the gameplay get significantly more interesting once you get past the early stuff? Is the story any good? Is the cake really a lie? What is the smoke monster? Who shot Mr. Burns?

#2 Posted by bybeach (5227 posts) -

I liked the concept of Rochard, and I am saving it for the Steam sale.

#3 Posted by BisonHero (8865 posts) -

I'm going to interpret this as "not a lot of you played Rochard". Duly noted.

#4 Posted by mosdl (3398 posts) -

I enjoyed it on my PS3. The main issue I had was the shooting - it wasn't great and there were sections where you had to be good with it to not die. Story was meh. and pacing was indeed slow.

There wasn't much box throwing, the game keeps giving you new abilities/devices as you go. I would recommend it, but I love puzzly side scrollers and have no issues with methodical pacing.

#5 Posted by Triumvir (547 posts) -

It was a fun little puzzle platformer with (occasionally-challenging) shooter elements. I know it's not super original, but I really dug the physics/gravity based puzzles (it reminded me somewhat or Trine), especially the manipulation of gravity. The game itself isn't revolutionary, but it's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's got tons of heart, definitely more than the sum of its parts (and I love the blues rock song from the intro).

I felt like I got my money's worth.

#6 Posted by kickinthehead (112 posts) -

I got it off the Steam sale. I enjoyed it overall but felt like they had a lot of cool game mechanics that weren't fully taken advantage of. There are a lot of physics based abilities, but I felt like with the variety of mechanics there was more potential for some puzzles that could be really satisfying to figure out. But as it is the game is pretty well paced, enjoyable and can be beaten in one sitting. I was a little surprised by how much story there was because frankly I didn't think there'd be much at all. Also some of the environments are pretty cool to look at.

The shooting could've been better or I wish the non-gun abilities were the core of how you'd fight enemies because the gun felt like it made things too easy in some ways.


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