Best you have done on Constant Motion?

#1 Posted by MikPick (333 posts) -

I can five star it on expert vocals and bass, and 4 star on expert guitar with 89%. I can't play drums on anything above medium for most songs, so I haven't bothered trying.

So what's the best you've done on one of the hardest songs in RB's massive DLC library?

#2 Posted by tds418 (191 posts) -

I'm working towards a 5* on Expert guitar, I've gotten fairly close with above 90% notes hit.

#3 Edited by Demilich (2598 posts) -

5 Stars.

(Not me, yet...)


#4 Posted by Hobbies (976 posts) -

Five starred on expert guitar and bass, and I think I four starred it on expert drums (might be three).

Haven't tried vocals yet.

#5 Posted by Timma1083 (566 posts) -

I know I've 5-starred it on Expert Guitar, and I haven't tried it on any other instrument.

#6 Posted by wizzardjeff (172 posts) -

i got like 4.95 stars on expert drums and it really pissed me off.
i cant beat it on guitar though:(

#7 Posted by HistoryInRust (6401 posts) -

Guitar?  Five-stars, 320,000+ points.  It's not sexy, but I can play it. 

Goddamned solo.

#8 Posted by JamesF (1489 posts) -

I can 5* the drums on Hard, 3-4* it on Expert

#9 Posted by MisterSpiffy (880 posts) -

My friend had a picture of this on Facebook.  He had 99% on Expert.  I'm pretty sure it was guitar.

#10 Posted by NintenDoorMan (5 posts) -


#11 Posted by Dark_Spartan796 (26 posts) -

The solo is diabolical on Expert. I can't even make it through the damn solo yet. I can five-star it on Hard, though.

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