Have you been buying from the Rock Band Network?

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The Rock Band Network has been out for quite some time now, and I was wondering how often you've been downloading from it. Have you discovered any new music through it? Have you been downloading songs based on what you've seen on YouTube, or are you strictly sticking to songs that you know and love?
I've got seven RBN songs at the moment, and five of them are stuff that I knew and liked beforehand (the most recent being "Crash Years" by The New Pornographers). I found out about Dear and the Headlights through RBN and enjoyed their song before learning that they also had a regular DLC track in the store. They're a pretty decent band, and I'll probably check out one of their albums next.

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I've bought about 10 songs on the RBN. It's been stuff I've known of.

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Yep. Bought around 30 songs. Which is only 10% of my existing DLC :P. 3 Inches of Blood has probably been my favourite thing to come from it :)
While most are bands I knew before hand, I have dipped into the vast unknown and tried out some new stuff. I will say, RB could handle recommendations a little better. Why I'm stuck trawling through genres and 'conveniently' inconsistent sub-genres I don't know. Hopefully these things will be addressed in RB3.

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no I don't want people's crappy music. I want shit I already know and nothing more.

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I actually don't know where to find it. Although admittedly I haven't really gone out of my way to look for it. All I know is I couldn't find any of those songs in the Rock Band Music Store.

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Another thing is the charting for some of the songs can be... questionable at times. Like, this-guy-has-been-playing-guitar-hero-too-much kinda questionable. Once example would be Mechanical Love, where the guitar part feels unfinished and awkward, as well do the drums.
Everyone has their own tastes, but as someone who like a challenge, here are a few RBN tracks I've enjoyed playing (titles of songs only): Bang Camero, Battles & Brotherhood, Dethroned, He Sleeps In A Grove,  Henchmen Ride, Nightlife Commando, Now Demolition, Push Push (Lady Lightning), River Of Tunoi, Scream Ceremony, Swallow The Razor, We Are Not Anonymous. Some people like the All That Remains DLC, I feel they've being over-charted.

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I wanted to... but could not get any of the songs to play a preview... i dont know why.... so no, not yet
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Yes, a few. I even bought Stick Stickly as a joke...I feel dirty.

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Oo. Also, this: http://error420.com/rbn/

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Nope, just haven't had the time to go and look through the music. I will once Rock Band 3 comes around.

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A little bit, not a lot like the regular music store but I've got a few RBN songs.
RBN is a great new way for music to come out.  I'm glad that they created RBN.  Gives more ways for artists to put out their music and fans to get the type of music they want.
And I have: 
For The Love of God by Steve Vai
Mordecai by Between the Buried and Me
Henchmen Ride by Testament
Midnight Ride by Midnight Riders (had to buy it cause of Left 4 Dead 2 haha :D.)

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I've purchased "Business Time," "Most Beautiful Girl in the Room," and "Push Push (Lady Lightning)."  I saw that Rodrigo y Gabriella have a song out (no vocals, no drums, bass is actually the rhythm guitar), so I'm tempted to buy that.  However, I'm not planning on getting anything Rock Band related until RB3 comes out.

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Yes, but until recently it was only of bands and songs I've heard of. At least one JoCo song (Code Monkey), the Midnight Riders songs (the fictional L4D2 band), and Finger Eleven's Paralyzer.
Then I saw a video of some dude playing a preliminary test build of a song called "Give," and I bought the full RBN version of that. Also got the Rodrigo y Gabriella song because it sounds awesome, although it's probably gonna kill me as it looks like a balls-hard song.

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I've only bought the Flogging Molly songs. I kinda want the  Rodrigo y Gabriella song but I know I would never be able to pass it so I don't want to spend the money.

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