andrewg14ak's Rock Band 2 (Xbox 360) review

Classic Rock

Rock Band 2 is a fun game its similar to the Guitar hero franchise but with drums and a microphone but now World tour and Band hero are out its pretty much all the same but different setlist but it has good songs (Pain Killer, Anyway you want it, the joker ect.) it also has alot of Downlodable songs for you to spend your money on and if you enjoy Guitar hero games or Rock band 1 than you will probobly like RB2, but RB has more classic rock songs.

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    Rock Band 2 indeed starts where Rock Band ended. The game where you can become a world renowned drummer, lead guitarist, bassist, or singer has been made better. There are some things that I don't like about the game, but there are too many good things about the game which make me want to play it until I can't drum, strum, or sing again.The graphics are about the same as last time, but I think there is a bit more variety in certain areas. You'll notice that there a couple more places to perform ...

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    Do you ever get that feeling that a franchise or genre has evolved right past you? I think with Rock Band 2, music games have certainly given me rhythm gaming fatigue. The soundtrack is disappointing for me and my personal tastes. Sure, Rock Band 2 is still the great game its predecessor was but I’m definitely at my limit with what Harmonix and Activision decide is good music for a group of people to play. These games are so similar that the only things left to compare are soundtracks. The majo...

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