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1/3 of a Hat Trick

If you're a drummer, The Hockey Theme is one of the absolute best investments you can make in the Rock Band Music Store. It's right about a minute long, but in that minute Neil Peart (drummer for Rush, and one of the most acclaimed drummers in rock history) packs in some of the most unique and enjoyable rhythms ever seen in a drum chart. Cymbal rolls, limb independence and just a pinch of double sticking ahoy. There's even a drum solo, though the whole damn thing could be considered as such.
That's the good news. The bad news is: there's no vocals, which, combined with its severely short length and the fact that it's a juiced-up TV theme song, justify its 80MSP (half off) price point. Also, the guitar and bass are pretty barren, with maybe one vaguely notable spot in each. Lots of sustains, nothing even remotely challenging, and certainly nothing that will make you want to play it again. Pretty bottom of the barrel stuff.
It's hard to rate this song overall. It has one of the best drum charts ever in my view, but on top of two completely worthless guitar and bass charts and a missing instrument. I'd give the drums an easy 5/5, and the guitar and bass each a 1/5. That would technically average out to about a 2.5, but I think the drums are amazing enough to bump the full rating up to 3.5. Bottom line: If you're a drummer, get this. If you're not, don't.
Official Difficulty Tiers
Band: 4/7
Guitar: 2/7
Bass: 1/7
Drums: 5/7
Vocals: NO PART


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