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So what is there to say about RB2 that hasn't already been said? To be honest, not much. Rather than recite the formula of winning mechanics and the outstanding integration of game modes / shop in a long time, I thought that the only thing I could possibly add to criticism of the game was an anecdote of sorts. 
So, here goes.
Las week, I had several friends through for a night out. RB2 time had already been scheduled into this. Indeed, mics, extra guitars and such were brought down. For such a game to have so many pre-emptive aspects is ridiculous. 
So, with many a beer inside us, we began to play. And play, and play. Having had the game for nigh-on 2 years now, my music collection (plus RB1 joy) is quite large. And we kept playing. Despite the squabbles of 'TILT DAMMIT!' and the mass drinking, the game kept going. And then we ran out of songs. 
Curse Harmonix for the easiest way to spend money on Live. 
We managed to download 6 new songs in less than 10 minutes, and there were enough there for everyone to take part in. Despite having had this for as long as I have, we even managed (FINALLY) the 8x achievement unlock. 
This is truly a game that keeps giving. Going back after a hiatus, the growth to the DLC is nothing less than comical. Harmonix has clearly put as much love into its product as someone like Valve (yep, mentioning them again) have. It pays off. Here is a game that remains fresh to play week after week. 
So why not 5 stars? 
Well.. what has changed since RB1? Not much. The game needs a massive kick up the ass - at the very most a new instrument. Quite what that is, I have no idea, but then again, I'm not paid to think of it. 
Here's for Rio + Sax solo in RB3.


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