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Pearl Jam At Their Best

The release of Pearl Jam's "Ten" on the Rock Band Store is an amazing addition to the ever growing collection. It is a special treat for fans of Pearl Jam or fans of this album specifically. The versions that were released were actually the remastered and rerecorded versions of the songs that were released with the albums reissue. Ten is easily Pearl Jam's most well known album and for good reason.

There is a wide range of difficulty between the songs which makes this pack fun no matter how fast or slow the player prefers playing. Songs like "Porch", "Even Flow", and "Why Go" provide more fast paced and difficult action. These songs will  provide a challenge for even seasoned plastic instrument gurus. The first minute of "Porch" is a good example of how tough the songs can get:


Then there are songs that will take it easier. They are slower paced and are generally more laid back. Songs like "Black", "Garden", or "Master/Slave" would fit into this category. "Master/Slave" is especially slow and probably to an extent that will bother most players. However these songs really don't lack in the fun department just because they are slow. In fact, "Black" may be my favorite song to play of the pack.

If you cannot buy this entire album, I suggest at least taking looks at "Black", "Once", "Porch", and "Jeremy". These songs are varied enough in styles to provide a good taste of the album. Everyone should be able to find something of interest in this album. But if you can't, there is always the "Pearl Jam Live" Rock Band track pack coming in 2010.

Posted by Blueprint12

I'd love to get this album on RB someday but there seems to be other stuff always coming out...like Marvel vs Capcom 2 is coming out soon so I'm spending points on that.  If I can't get this album at some point later, I'll just buy Evenflow, Jeremy, Porch, and Black...Garden is also really good too...agh the whole album is good...maybe just buy the album track by track like I did with Rush and still going with Megadeth (just 3 left).

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