Bee Gees coming next week (16-Nov)

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This is from, so I'd say it's pretty much a done deal: 

The Bee Gees are coming to Rock Band 3. The iconic 1970s tight-pants disco trio is bringing six of their most famous tunes to Rock Band 3 as downloadable content, including, of course, pro versions of keyboard, bass, guitar and drums. Here are the tracks:

  • “Jive Talkin’”
  • “Night Fever”
  • “Stayin’ Alive”
  • “Nights on Broadway”
  • “Tragedy”
  • “You Should Be Dancing”

They will be available on November 16. 
Read more:

They say pro guitar as well, but I'm going to wait for the official HMX announcement tomorrow as these sort of small details get confused sometimes.
It's impossible to dislike the Bee Gees.  Completely impossible.   I just hope that they have the band do disco moves during the song (yes, I know it won't happen but I can dream).  Sayin' Alive is an obvious choice, and I'll probably get Jive Talkin' and maybe Night fever.
update: John Drake confirmed it in a post on
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Dude.......FUCKING YES!!!! 

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The Gibb brothers return. 
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I have the feeling my husband won't be thrilled but I'm looking forward to picking up at least a few of those.

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One might say that the Rock Band DLC service is, stayin' alive!  
Admit it, you've seen lamer jokes. 

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I want to see and hear Brad do his falsetto with the Bee Gees. Make this happen Giant Bomb.

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Night Fever and Stayin' Alive are must-owns. I'm sad about the omission of I started a Joke, though.

#8 Posted by Hobbies (976 posts) -

Might get Stayin' Alive for the lulz, but that's it.

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@MooseyMcMan: That one definitely warranted its own rimshot sound effect. 
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I'm going to have to get my perm done before I can play this. 

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With now the Bee Gees DLC arriving. I can Asia right around the corner. 
Oi vey.
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Holy shit. I have to get Rockband 3 now.

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@MooseyMcMan said:

" One might say that the Rock Band DLC service is, stayin' alive!   ...  Admit it, you've seen lamer jokes.  "

I admit NOTHING.
@Malakhii said:
" I'm going to have to get my perm done before I can play this.  "
And get your shiny gold bellbottom jumpsuit back from the dry cleaners.
@CaptainObvious said:
" Holy shit. I have to get Rockband 3 now. "

Probably the best comment.  Keyboards, harmonies, pro mode, and 83 new songs didn't sway you.  But the Bee Gees made the fucking case :)
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Awww yeah. I get to celebrate my birthday with the Bee Gees.

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Boo this. Still waiting for my Faith No More track pack :(

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Stayin' Alive FTW. Probably getting more too. 
Edit: I just realized Harmonix had access to "Stayin' Alive" and didn't put it in Dance Central. I need to slap someone.

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Just when you think it can't get any better!

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I think if I tried to do the vocals to any of those songs I would end up sounding like Tom Waits when I am done.

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