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Kind of a mundane question, but what cities are featured in Rock Band 3? I know they changed up a bit between RB1 and RB2, so I'm wondering if they are different in 3 as well. I'm especially curious about Austin, since that's where I live. :D

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I know Manchester, NH is in there. Yay NH!

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It's definitely different.  In fact, during the Road Challenges, you hardly remember that you're in a particular city.  I did a bunch of road challenges this weekend and I can't even really remember where I went. 
I think one of the cities was in Rhode Island.

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I can't really remember any. They aren't featured nearly as prominently as they have been in the past. I know Seattle's in there. Cleveland's in there. I think Portland was there too (at least I hope it was since I live there). 
Austin's a big music city; I'm sure it's in there.

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Guess I'm not really all that informed on how much the career mode and stuff has changed. 
@JJWeatherman: Huzzah!

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Show Seattle if you've gotten there! :)   I'm still stuck in New England.  :(

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@melcene said:

" Show Seattle if you've gotten there! :)   I'm still stuck in New England.  :( "

 Pearl Jam ftw
I'm almost offended by Portland's text bit.  :P 

Everclear ftw
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I was happy that more Canadian locations were featured - even if they just split the RB2 Montreal venues to different cities...

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