Eurogamer reveals 10 new songs.

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Does eet have multiplayer?

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Is Daft Punk in this game?

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I'd have to say the theme seems all over the place, however with all the dlc. available what they actually put on the disc is really irrelevant.

oh fav. I'd say Du Hast

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Confused by this thread:
Here are the 10 songs announced today:  

  • Bob Marley & The Wailers' Get Up, Stand Up
  • INXS' Need You Tonight
  • Poni Hoax' Antibodies
  • Rammstein's Du Hast
  • Roxette's The Look
  • Tokio Hotel's Humanoid
  • HIM's Killing Loneliness
  • Maná's Oye Mi Amor
  • Slipknot's Before I Forget
  • War's Low Rider
Lots of good ones in there, though the trend of not being impressed by the songs from 2000 on continues for me.  Personally, I'm not a big Bob Marley fan, either, but I suppose it was time to get him in the game.
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I'm really not impressed by these songs at all. I like listening to several of them (INXS, Slipknot, War, Poni Hoax), but none of them sound that great to play. Oh well, at least that Gamefaqs list is basically confirmed and I can rejoice at the fact that The Con, Werewolves of London, and Beast and the Harlot are in the game.

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Pretty excited for Low Rider. Awesome.

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Ugh, I hope Harmonix is saving best for last, because that list is very disappointing to me with Bob Marley, HIM, Tokio Hotel, and Slipknot....

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Roxette's The Look will be great fun, but overall this list is pretty disappointing. I looked up the songs I hadn't heard of (HIM, Poni Hoax, Tokio Hotel), and they seem pretty bland.

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Yeah, so it turns out that fake list from a few weeks back  is looking like a proper list now. The Roxette song is  probably the best of these.
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@TheBeast said:
" Pretty excited for Low Rider. Awesome. "
That's the stand out to me. Bob Marley's cool, and of course INXS is awesome. The rest of those though... meh. Maybe they'll be fun. Harmonix hasn't let me down yet.
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@Timma1083 said:
"The Con"
Holy fucking shit, I hadn't seen the rumoured list before but I can't believe they've got Tegan and Sara in this game. The Con is my favourite song by them, too. Awesome.

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