Mystery metal song over credits?

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so... i beat rock band 3 (which i didn't really know you could do) and some death metal song played over the credits, but i can't figured out what it was. you'd assume it'd be under Metal in my library, but i couldn't find anything i didn't recognize.

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Hmm... Did you beat it through the road challenges? I did that about a week or so ago, and I can't recall any metal song playing. I didn't know any of the songs myself, but they were all slower songs.

Though I'm with you. I was really surprised when the credits started rolling.

#3 Posted by DevWil (842 posts) -

yeah: i finished all of the road challenges, and i was wondering if it was random.

my best guess is that it's this, judging from this thread.

it's weird that they'd put so many songs in the game and not just chart them.

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@DevWil said:

it's weird that they'd put so many songs in the game and not just chart them.

I love it. Some of the menu tunes are great and because I can't play them, they never get on my nerves. It was TERRIBLE in RB2 ... I practically couldn't play any songs that played in the menus. Ace of Spades was ruined because of this.

#5 Posted by animathias (1194 posts) -

@DevWil: Interesting. Just to see if it's random or not, I can say for sure that Trash Candy played during my credits, did it play for you? I think I'd remember if a metal song played, but I honestly have no recollection of whether or not any other song played during the credits. :D

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