Pantera Four Pack Coming May 19th

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From RockBandAide:


"We love the good folks over at Harmonix, so naturally, we love their Official Podcast. In the most recent episode, Chris Rigopulos, who you may remember as the one that gave us the awesome news regarding May’s DLC lineup, discusses how this DLC is the among the first content to be really produced by Harmonix in their “independent” phase. Shortly after that, they announced that a four-pack of popular Pantera songs was on its way soon.

They said it would be out on the 19th, a Thursday, which may have you a bit perplexed. According to HMXHenry, that week will see the Rock Band servers briefly taken down for scheduled maintenance, thus causing a small delay in the release of downloadable content.

We believe we are also seeing “Do You Feel Like We Do” by Peter Frampton that week, which means that week has some serious potential. Go check out Harmonix’s amazing podcast, as there is a lot more insight than what you’re reading here. Listen to our good buddy HMXHenry when he says:

We’re been breaking all sorts of news on the podcast lately. It’s an awesome addition to the forums for people looking for detailed info on the DLC process, band interviews, event previews and other juicy tidbits. Everyone should [...] subscribe to the podcast.

Pantera DLC Pack Coming on May 19th

  • Walk*
  • Five Minutes Alone*
  • I’m Broken
  • Mouth for War

* Denotes Pro-Guitar/Bass chart availability for an additional $.99"

It's nice to get more Pantera, in my own opinion.  I think I may have switched out one or two of the tracks, but I won't complain.
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I'm Broken is a fantastic song, even if most of Pantera's output is below stellar. Or, Power Metal forever?

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Posted this twice in two other topics :/

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@sofacitysweetheart: Sorry, but for people that don't look through topics (though I did after your post and both are really easy to find on said topics) this is a pretty easy way for people to find this information.
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@SMTDante89: I understand. It's just that when the DLC is officially announced the week before, it probably would have had its own thread then :P

*throws arms up in the air* I don't know how the Internet works, ok!
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Walk is awesome to sing.

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@skrutop said:
" Walk is awesome to sing. "
What did you say?
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"Learnin' to Walk again!" Oh wait wrong Walk & week.

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I can't wait to play Walk!!!

And I hope I'm Broken actually has the original guitar solo too.  Not the altered one from GH: Warriors of Rock.

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No thank you.

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