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Hey, quick question. If I want to play pro drums, all I have to do is buy that cymbal attachement, right? But does it fit in any drum set? I currently have RB 1's drums, but was thinking of buying the one made for RB 2. Or was there a new peripheral made specially for RB 3?

#2 Posted by Kaburorne (126 posts) -

You need those ports on the back of your drum kit, the colour-coded yellow, blue and green ports. On my Beatles: Rock Band kit, they're below the bass pedal port. 
AFAIK, the RB1 kit doesn't have ports for the cymbals.

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The Rock Band 1 kit will NOT work with the cymbals. Any other Rock Band drum set (with black pads and the ports in the back; they're all very similar) and either the Rock Band 2 or Rock Band 3 cymbals will work together. If you can find it, got for the Rock Band 3 set. It' the drums (basically Rock Band 2's) with cymbals. If you can help it, get the Rock Band 3 cymbals over the Rock Band 2 ones.

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