Rock Band 3 bandmates for Extra Life 2013! (Xbox 360)

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I will be doing the 25 hours stream with Extra Life this year and I'm planning to play the majority of Rock Band 3 Career mode. I'm looking for anyone that still plays this game or wants to dust off RB3 for one day on November 2nd.

I do have a request though and that is you own at least the Rock Band 1, 2 and Lego and online DLC. NOTE: It is not required to own any DLC I listed above but it would be nice to not play the same songs on the disc all the time. (People with DLC will get to priority)

So what I'm looking for:

- Drummers

- Singers

- Keyboard

- Guitar/Bass players

(I doubt most of you guys can commit to a full run so that means I might need more than 1 of each player so we can switch later on.)

Finally, the last thing I will mention is that this is all for fun so that means any skill level is welcome to join!

EDIT: I plan to do this on November 2nd, around 10am-12pm EST. Also for Xbox 360. My GamerTag is LLeg3nd

infinitespark Vocals

I will be communicating by either my twitch chat or maybe IRC. If you guys want to join me on skype chat feel free to join since it would keep things interesting and you guys would be on my stream with voice!

If you have any spare change, please consider donating.

My Twitch page is

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oh man I could be pretty interested in joining you on this. Couple questions, the key one being would me being in the UK possibly hinder you with any lag? Second would be are you aiming for an expert complete playthrough? Finally no love for the keyboards in rock band 3 (its not on your list)?

edit: i finally understood what you meant by owning the DLC for the previous games with their import methods and i never bothered to do that. However I have all of those games on disc besides lego rock band

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Give me a day and time and I am down. I can play anything you need me to play on Expert and would love to do this for the cause. I live in the Eastern time zone so just let me know.

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@optix12: Oops forgot the keys since I don't own it :P. Will Edit now!

I'm not going to be doing an expert run since I haven't played RB3 in forever. Also I don't think lag will be an issue since I played with someone in Europe before.

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I probably wouldn't be able to do the entire day (I assume it is on November 2?), but I could do a major chunk of that if you wanted. A key detail you left out was the console of choice. I have it on 360 with about 1000 songs total (all exports and a bunch of DLC).

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@cbarnes86: Yeah there's no commitment so it's fine if you leave later on. Also the title says Xbox 360 :)

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@irrelevantjohn: Wow... sorry, been a long day. I could start out on drums and switch later on. I'm actually super excited about this! How will you be setting up the stream? Are you wanting voice over top of gameplay or no? Just let me know all the minor details and send me your GT in a pm and I'll add you tonight.

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With Cbarnes I probably cant do the whole day or much of the day but I could probably help you in some of the more awkward hours thanks to the time difference between us/europe

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I'll go on and "sign up" for the start of the stream and probably stay till dinner-ish? Might be able to hop back on later in the evening, but we will see when that comes.

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I'll post more details later in the day when I get back from work.

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that sounds awesome, but I don't know what sort of commitment I could make, so I'm hesitant to say anything at all. I'll come back to this and see if I can be a little more helpful

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Bah, if this was PS3 I would be down. I miss playing Rock Band so much.

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I will do any instrument but drums, because I'm terrible at them. Count me in.

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I'll consider doing some if you need someone. I adore Rock Band, but I'm not particularly good and only really play most instruments on medium. I'll possibly do some singing also, but that's the one where you'd need multiple people. I've played RB on vocal;s for 5+ hours and it was a nightmare on my throat for a pretty long time. I'd rather not do drums or keyboard...never did get the hang of that thing.

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This sounds great! I'm pretty sure I'll be available. I have around 1000 songs in my RB3 library (all exports except Green Day). Can play guitar/bass decently on expert, drums on expert for half, hard for the other half (I can also sing terribly and play keyboard mediocrely). As it seems you have your starting lineup, let me know if you need me in the bullpen for your intense commitment. I'm in the US on the East coast.

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So bummed that the PS4 won't be RB3 compatible.

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Just to forewarn you im pretty shitty on the keys hard and up. If were swapping around on the day ( i dont think il have the exported song packs so im sure someone else can jump in at those times) im much better on guitar/bass/drums where I could probably be able to do half RB3 on expert with the scarier songs playing it safer on hard

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That's AWESOME! I should be able to get a few free hours to play some RB3 on the 2nd. If you still need anyone, I can play anything, including vocals or keys.

I've got all of the Rock Band games disc content downloaded (RB1, RB2, RB:Lego, AC/DC, & Green Day) and about 1400 total songs.

I'm pretty good too (except on expert keys, but I'm still trying to teach myself). Let me know if you need another duder, and I'm down.

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@optix12: It's fine any mode is OK with me. As long as I'm awake then it's kool lol, I'm gonna need to be up for 25 hours. I might switch you off sooner though since there are other with DLC, sorry but I need to keep my sanity.

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@irrelevantjohn: Not gonna lie, I'm super excited. I'll add you on Xbox and Skype so I can join in the festivities!

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@jackburt0n@omniscientcajun: You both are next in line since you have the export and DLCs

Cool, cool. Excited to potentially be a part of this. Keep me filled in as things fall into place. And my gamertag is the same as my username.

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I'll play! I have RB 1,2, and online DLC and play mainly drums. I can't do 25 hours straight though.

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I'll gladly join on Keys or Vocals. I'm better on the other instruments, but everything else is broken.

GT: Shaunage

Edit: My DLC collection is pretty spotty since I started on the PS3, but I have a couple of hundred songs, and the exports from RB1, AC/DC and Blitz.

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Guys, I said career mode. I'm not streaming Rock Band 3 for 25 hours straight. I can't keep something going that long for 1 game... also legal shit too.

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@irrelevantjohn: Haha, yea I kinda figured. I'm up for anything and am super proud to be a part of this. I would love to stream, but my connection isn't great, so being a part of someone else's stream is the best way for me to do this. Whatever you decide to do in the 25 hour period, I would be more than happy to help out and join in (if I can/have the game). I keep needing to add you on XBL and Skype, so I will for sure do that tonight.

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Alright so I need someone to take Vocal duties between 10am - 2pm EST. Of course you don't have to do that whole shift but hey props to you if you do. InfiniteSpark wont be around until that time.

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I'll pick up the mic, might have to drop it a bit before 2pm though.

I can come back at around 7pm for vocals/guitar/bass/keyboard if you need someone to fill in.

Can't do vocals after 12am until 10am. I have RB1/RB2 export songs, RB2 bonus songs, and a bit of DLC.

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@strongbadman47: Sure man thats fine. I have someone taking over vocals around 2PM so you would be a great starter for vocals!

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OK, My gamertag is LLeg3nd. Please add that to your friends list.

If you would rather me invite you please post your GamerTag instead. Also let me know if you want to join @cbarnes86 and I on Skype chat. Chatting might be a good idea in case you don't want to get too bored lol.

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@irrelevantjohn: I should be able to do some Skyping, and I'll sing if we need someone to fill that gap at any point, as well. Also, I just want to point out the importance of all of us turning on no-fail mode, just so we can make sure the session goes as smoothly as possible. Ultimately it's up to you though, but I would strongly suggest us doing it for the sake of flow.

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@greggd: I was planning that already in case someone has an emergency to take care of and also I want this thing to go as smoothly as possible.

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@irrelevantjohn: Alrighty. I figured as much, but it doesn't hurt to be sure. :)

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@irrelevantjohn: I just shot a friend request your way (gamertag is the same as my Giant Bomb name) - as one of the primary back ups in case you need someone to fill in.

Smart call to all who suggested/thought of it on No Fail Mode. Definitely makes things smoother.

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I'll join the skype so you all can suffer my terrible singing.

Also, slight change in schedule. After the morning sesh I won't be available until around 2am.

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