Some songs that will probably never be in Rock Band 3

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Was listening to my iPod when I heard a few keyboard friendly songs that I think would probably work, though I know there's just no way in hell Harmonix would consider them.  No, this is not a wishlist...just thinking a little outside the box.
It's Time To Party by Andrew W.K. - Good fast, stupid, party song.  Only 1:30, though. 

Lovefool by The Cardigans - I know, I know, but c''d be funny as hell.
Lose Yourself by Eminem - Might be a bit too repetitive, and it loses like 1,000,000 points for being so ridiculously overplayed.  But it would totally work
OK, and one that has a legitimate shot to be DLC at some point (since Spinning Wheel is already confirmed)
Lucretia MacEvil by Blood, Sweat & Tears - This would be ridiculously fun to sing if you try to emulate David's voice: Ooooooohhhhh Lucy you just so damn bad. 
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i dont know why they dont include all shitty music into roc band. 

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I wouldn't be surprised if some Andrew W.K  turned up on the RBN... His stupid (awesome) party songs seem like the perfect fit for it. I would much prefer that insane party party party from ATHF though :)
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there are songs shorter than It's Time to Party... the real problem is that IT'S A SONG ABOUT MASTURBATING AND EJACULATING ONTO SOMEONE'S FACE. Party Party Party seems like a better candidate, with the guitar solo and all. 
edit: party party party is the same insane party party party song that @marioncobretti was talking about. it's amazing

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Probably for the best.
And I love the Cardigans, but they have far better, and more appropriate songs for RB. Such as:

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Favourite Game is a great song.  I remember they used it in the Gran Tourismo 2 intro i think it was. Pretty rad. 
And she's HOT. 
I can do without the other songs in this thread i think. I need more Queens songs. An i know it'll never happen cause Page is so dicey about licensing stuff an i've heard he doesn't like music games but goddamn i'd love some Zeppelin.

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Trampled Under Foot by Zeppelin would be cool 
I would like to see lots of stuff like Yes. Pro mode would let you learn Rick Wakeman's keyboard parts, and the easier modes would let you play them with one hand while wearing a cape.
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I'd like to see The Stranglers' No More Heroes for the keyboard part.

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@Damodar: Hells yeah dude that would be so badass. 
I know it'll prolly never happen but im gonna keep hoping. For that and a reunion tour.

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