Anyone know how the Lego rockband export works?

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I've seen it cheap both new and used wondering how the export works for this do I need another rockband game to export or will this lone disc do. I am assuming if it does it has to be a new copy? Is there a 5$ charge like rockband 1?

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Brad should. Try PM-ing him.

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Rock Band 2, Lego Rock Band, and Green Day Rock Band all cost $10 to export songs for use in other Rock Band games. You'll need the code that comes with each game to export so buying used isn't advised. (Songs from The Beatles Rock Band unfortunately cannot be exported.)

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I have a code but not the disc anymore will I still need a copy of the disc I can't find a way to export

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Yes, you will need the disc.

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@Vextroid Ok cool thanks, looks like I've gotta find a disc.
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If you need a guide of some sort.

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@Rave said:

@Vextroid Ok cool thanks, looks like I've gotta find a disc.
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Is there any way to get the Rock Band 2 tracks without having to need Rock Band 3?

EDIT: Nevermind I checked and there isn't, though I went ahead and got Rock Band 1 for 2 bucks used and got those tracks for 400 points. Plus returning the game tomorrow means I only needed 5 bucks to get however many tracks. Good times. Plus I decided to take a gamble, getting Rock Band 2 (Didn't realize how I needed 3), and the guy never redeemed the 20 DLC songs. So got the DLC and returned it to get the five bucks needed for 1's tracks.

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