Apparently Rock Band Blitz is already selling well

#1 Posted by drac96 (749 posts) -

For some reason I just found myself on, where I saw this wonderful sight.

Turns out Rock Band Blitz is the best selling Xbox live game of all time, despite the fact that it's going to be released on 12/31/2799. Perhaps they're predicting how awesome it's going to be?

It seems that the games are screwed up all over. Minecraft for 360 is on the list for most sold games today. In case you weren't aware it apparently came out 11/14/2011. The more I look around the more messed up everything seems to be.

I look forward to 2799 so I can finally play Rock Band Blitz.

#2 Posted by thebipsnbeeps (605 posts) -

Righteous! My itch for playing a Great White and Foster the People song in a rhythm game will finally be scratched by then.

Also: 2800 AD/BCE, where "Always" and "Bang Your Head" will be played at your high-brow concertos. Think about it.

#3 Posted by ADAMWD (692 posts) -

They've already released DLC for the game on the Marketplace, so the DLC must be selling well, and they're counting that as game sales.

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