Best tactic and power ups

#1 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

Just wondering what power ups people have been using to get high scores. I have been using jackpot, bomb and then whatever instrument enhancer makes sense for each given track. Can get 5 stars in most songs now but gold stars seem impossible. Anyway, what are other people using?

#2 Posted by WeepingWillow (40 posts) -

I've been using the "Bandmate" overdrive, Bomb, and instrument enhancer.

My strategy is to focus on powering up all the lanes, but switching for bomb notes, and energy which I deploy the Bandmate on the instrument track that have I have the enhance power up on.

#3 Posted by MildMolasses (3189 posts) -

Runaway note and road rage. Each one adds a ton of points to my overall score, and I've got a surprising amount of gold stars out of it

#4 Posted by beard_of_zeus (1746 posts) -

I'll have to try some of these tactics once I get all the powerups unlocked. So far, I've been getting 4 stars on literally every song.

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@beard_of_zeus said:

I'll have to try some of these tactics once I get all the powerups unlocked. So far, I've been getting 4 stars on literally every song.

Same here. Four stars seems like the typical score for someone that's good at pressing buttons but isn't employing a lot of strategy, tactics, or choosing the best set of powerups.

#6 Posted by WeepingWillow (40 posts) -

I think it's pretty cool how much the strategy and tactics go into a high score.

Takes a bit to crack the "must hit 100% of the notes" mentality of the previous Rock band games.

#7 Posted by Epidehl (373 posts) -

I've found Road Rage, Blast Notes, and an appropriate Super Instrument to be good for gold stars on MOST songs. I'm only like, 4-5 songs short of the all gold stars trophy with it.

#8 Posted by GunstarRed (5783 posts) -

Road Rage, Bomb and whatever instrument seems right for the track. It took a while, but It clicked after these powerups. I'm getting five stars every other song and even got a gold on the Pink song. You sometimes get these insane chains of Road Rage where youre constantly racking up points.

#9 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

Bandmate seems to be the most useful, I've been sticking with that.

#10 Posted by Lumley (995 posts) -

Jackpot and Flame Notes or Blast Notes. If you hit a Flame Note during Jackpot you get something like 5,000 points. I'm managing to get super close to gold stars on every song I play.

I occasionally use Road Rage, it depends on the song.

#11 Posted by StarvingGamer (8958 posts) -

I've just been stockpiling coins. I'm really not sure how I feel about the whole coin system. It's not like this is a freemium game so I don't see the benefits of forcing players to grind.

I mean, if you're replaying songs and don't have any goals to meet, you're looking at a net loss of 150-550 coins per run depending on song difficulty (assuming a minimum of 4-stars earned). In other words, you're going to be wasting your time on 2.5 pointless runs just to earn enough coins to make an attempt at an actual score. You're playing the "real" game less than 1/3 of the time.

And since you lose all the coins you just spent if you restart the song, it would actually take you less time to quit out of the game and reload it than it would take to earn those lost coins back. It's a pity when shitty design gets in the way of great mechanics.

#12 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

I can see where you are coming from. I thought the same after 5 hours but after doing a lot of goals and competing in score wars I never have to worry about spending gold coins

#13 Posted by StarvingGamer (8958 posts) -

@dropabombonit: I don't know what coin-earning is like in score-wars, but I simply don't see a way for me to not worry about coins. The math simply doesn't check-out if I want to make multiple attempts on the same song.

#14 Edited by notdrew (92 posts) -

My Blitz load out is typically Road Rage, Pinball (yep), and whatever instrument seems appropriate. I feel that the other note power-ups are too much to manage to obtain their bonus, while the Pinball is also manageable, it gives you a bonus whether or not you want to manage it, and if you happen to hit it while you're leveling up the tracks well then lucky you. I sometimes use the Blast Note, but i noticed that if you're on a Solo and there's you hit the Blast Note, you don't get anything for it.

Yeah, i went through a rough patch where i wanted to get the Precious Medal (gold star each song on the Blitz soundtrack) achievement and because i was replaying the songs, i eventually ran out of coins because the songs didn't enough back. So i grinded a little with Goals, doing the goals with songs i would have played for fun anyway, and i haven't worried about it since.

Edit: just realized, that i haven't been replaying too many of the songs either so that might be why i haven't been worrying about it lol.

#15 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1326 posts) -

Jackpot, blast note, and whatever super makes sense. Have been getting a lot of 5 stars with that

#16 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (913 posts) -

Road Rage, Blast Notes or Flame Notes, and a Instrument boost. I've been getting a lot of gold stars or been getting very close with that.

#17 Edited by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

I haven't exhausted all combinations, but here's what works for me.

Jackpot, Blast Notes and Super Instrument - best for faster tempo songs you can keep a combo on.

Bottle Rocket, Runaway Notes and Super Instrument - good for songs where keeping a combo is difficult

Point Doubler, Flame Notes and Super Instrument - same as above, less flailing.

#18 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

Bamdmate is my favorite, and I use bomb as well when I have the cash. I use double guitar or whatever too, because I always seem to play it the most.

#19 Posted by Trace (3674 posts) -

Huge fan of Road Rage and Pinball, while usually using Super Bass for my third (though Super Guitar also works nicely). I've gotten several gold stars and top tens with decent play using this combo, whereas I'd struggle with bandmate, bomb, or jackpot, despite them sounding a lot more useful.

The key is this: when a pinball's out (except maybe for solos), hit notes when you can, but consider your main objective intercepting and rebounding the pinball as often as possible. Eventually, you'll have to focus entirely on just keeping the pinball in play. Yes, you will lose base points. A lot of easy note patterns will fly by. With proper play, you'll more than make it up in pinball bonus. It's worth it. As for Road Rage, use that to build up multipliers. Send it out after checkpoints or when there's a load of notes with energy. It will help you raise the level cap, especially when you're having to give up notes to keep a pinball alive.

#20 Posted by SmasheControllers (2950 posts) -

Roadrage/Bandmate and Blast Notes.

#21 Posted by brownsfantb (425 posts) -

I switch between using Bandmate/Flame Notes and Road Rage/Bomb Notes. I can get gold stars on most songs with either of those combinations. However, I'm experimenting with some other combinations for tougher songs.

#22 Posted by TheBookNerd (90 posts) -

I'm surprised at all of the people choosing Road Rage over Jackpot. I haven't used it that much, but Road Rage never seemed to be all that useful. Is there some trick to using it? Jackpot, while difficult to nail the 100% requirement sometimes, really pays off when you get it right. Just wondering why the strong preference for Road Rage.

#23 Posted by Trace (3674 posts) -

@TheBookNerd said:

I'm surprised at all of the people choosing Road Rage over Jackpot. I haven't used it that much, but Road Rage never seemed to be all that useful. Is there some trick to using it? Jackpot, while difficult to nail the 100% requirement sometimes, really pays off when you get it right. Just wondering why the strong preference for Road Rage.

Road Rage hits multiple tracks, creates natural openings to jump between tracks without dropping Blitz, and (most importantly for me) helps level up tracks surprisingly well. Since I prefer a Pinball setup, which takes a lot of emphasis away from accuracy, it's one of my best options, especially since I might not have the time to work on raising the level cap while chasing a pinball.

#24 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Road Rage, Blast Notes, and Super Guitar is my setup for 99% of tracks.

#25 Posted by RageKage14 (72 posts) -

I find Jackpot to be essential for the top of the leaderboard scores. Near the end of a song, it's not uncommon for one use of Jackpot to get you 50,000 points. I regularly get over 100,000 points with Jackpot as indicated by the tally at the end of the song.

#26 Posted by Zidd (1911 posts) -

I have the most luck with bottle rocket, blast notes and a super instrument.

#27 Posted by RageKage14 (72 posts) -

I'm surprised how many people aren't using Jackpot.

#28 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

Must try Jackpot for shout by tears for fears because that is the only song that I have yet to get 5 stars on. Using road rage, blast notes and super keys and it doesn't seem to be of much use for that song

#29 Posted by Brodehouse (10472 posts) -

I like the one where you chase it, whatever that is.

Bandmate is good too.

#30 Posted by theuselessgod (339 posts) -

I use Roadrage and Blast, and usually leave the third empty (not sure why I do that...). I can usually GS or at least FS most songs with this. The focus is on clearing notes to pump up multipliers fast; I always shift to purple notes no matter what since it gives you star power for both exploded notes, road raged notes, AND multiplier.

TL;DR: Roadrage and Blast are great for multiplier control.

#31 Posted by StarvingGamer (8958 posts) -

Bahahaha they just nerfed power-up costs and buffed coin earning rates. I guess I wasn't the only one being loud with math about their shitty system. Now it's actually something reasonable.

Now that I can actually spend coins I'm typically using the tire overdrive power up thingy, flame notes, and what almost always ends up being the wrong choice of instrument booster. I can now reliably gold-star a majority of songs on my first try. I also currently have the distinction of being #1 on PSN for the Giant Bomb song.

Finally I can pay this score-attack game like an actual score-attack game and not some dumb F2P game.

#32 Posted by animathias (1212 posts) -

Bandmate, Flame Notes, and the appropriate Super instrument (usually guitar) is what I normally roll with, and I've been getting gold stars on just about everything. A good run of Flame Notes with Bandmate running usually equals 100,000 points at the end of a song. I also just like having the Bandmate backup if I know I can't keep my Blitz going during rough sections, or if I need to get two sections done quickly before a checkpoint.

For songs that are a little too intense for that to be a good combo, I fall back to Road Rage and Blast Notes. Then for songs that I know by heart and know I won't waste any of it, I go for Jackpot.

#33 Posted by bartok (2636 posts) -

Are there any songs about Krang?

#34 Posted by RageKage14 (72 posts) -

This is why you should be using Jackpot.

#35 Posted by johncallahan (709 posts) -

I've tried just about everything now, was having trouble getting gold stars. Now I use Jackpot, Bomb Notes, and whichever instrument power up works best for each song, as long as you don't mess up the jackpot you'll score big. I get five stars if not gold stars almost every time now.

#36 Posted by TheBookNerd (90 posts) -

Jackpot question: When you guys activate the Jackpot, do you stick to one lane so that you won't mess up? Or do you switch between lanes to continue getting white notes and prolong the Jackpot. I have tried the latter, but I always mess up and lose the jackpot.

#37 Posted by ragnarok7038 (68 posts) -

@StarvingGamer said:

I also currently have the distinction of being #1 on PSN for the Giant Bomb song.

I don't think so, Tim. That distinction now belongs to me.

#38 Posted by TheBookNerd (90 posts) -

@ragnarok7038: OH NO YOU DIDN'T!

#39 Posted by zoltan2357 (24 posts) -

Bandmate, flame notes, super guitar. I am not very good and regularly break combo but almost always get 5 stars, gold stars maybe 15% of the time

#40 Posted by StarvingGamer (8958 posts) -

@ragnarok7038: Not any more :D

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